​Thank you to all players who joined us for our Summer Touch League. Please check back next summer as we'l be running our league again! 

Brit Lions "South Ridge" Touch League 

Summer 2018 

South Ridge league a play 2 games every week from June 13 - July 25
Games will run Wednesdays 7:00pm, 7:30pm & 8:00pm.

All players will register as individuals and we'll add you to a team (to help spread out the skill levels!)

Game Rules:

  • Games will be played on a half field 
  • 6 vs 6
  • Maximum 5 males on at once 
  • 20 minute games 
  • 6 touches per team possession 
  • If the ball is knocked by defending team it resets the number of touches
  • 5m back for offside 
  • Hockey subs 
  • No pushing or contact other than tag
  • 1 hand = tag 
  • Team scored on restarts with tap & go at half. 

Team players should bring a light & a dark coloured shirt for games.
​Teams will decide which is worn prior to gameplay.